Well – this isn’t the first time I’ve been tagged… But this time I’m actually doing something about it! I was tagged for the six quirky things meme by Coley! So here goes!

The rules:
1) Link to the person who tagged me
2) Mention the rules
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself
4) Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged

The meme:
1) I basically view my dog as my child. When I first got married, I always said ‘no kids, no pets!’ but now I basically have both in one little creature 🙂

2) Speaking of being married, I got married one month before I turned 18 and before I graduated.

3)  When shopping in large department stores, I get really overwhelmed and a little anxious since there’s so much to look at and I don’t know where to start!

4) My favorite late night snack is a big bowl of frosted flakes or apple jacks!

5)  I absolutely HATE to clean, yet I get super irritated and frustrated in a messy space and suddenly cleaning doesn’t seem so bad anymore !

6) In middle school to mid high school, I would keep diaries and each diary had a ‘name’ so it felt like I was writing a letter to a close friend … obviously I’m over that since I haven’t named my blog 😉

I tag:
~Julie of TeamKnit

My job here is done! 🙂

Well hello again!

Yes, I know! It hasn’t been another month or 4 (!!) in between my last post and this one. (Aren’t you so proud??) I just loved hearing from so many people, even some whose blogs I enjoy as well, in my comments that I want to keep writing posts now!! Thank you all for your sweet compliments! And, it was super awesome to be featured in the knitty professors blog! How cool. Thank both of you ladies for being so dang sweet — I really, truly feel honored to be mentioned on your site!!

I always enjoy a three day weekend – it’s nice to not wake up on Monday mornings and go UGH, I don’t want to go to work today! But this Monday was different. I had the day off, but I couldn’t relax completely — my mother was on the plane for a 10 hour flight to Germany and my whole family in Louisiana, about 1 hour away from New Orleans, decided to weather out Hurricane Gustav and not evacuate. I was so worried that I would lose BOTH of my parents, to extremely different disasters. They’re safe, and I’m so glad. But I don’t ever want to go through that kind of stress again.

My sister in law and I did enjoy a warm, sunny day on the deck knitting, I on a baby jacket for my Mother in Law and she on her first scarf. She is doing awesome and has gotten really far, but now that I’ve shown her quite a few patterns, and only a glimpse into my book/magazine stash, she wants to make everything else now. I’m so excited to have a knitting buddy!! I did pull out a couple of my first scarves and realized how far I’ve come when it comes to my knitting. I must say I have come a long ways, and I love how with everything I knit lately, I’m learning a new technique, a new way to better my knitting and give it a professional flair. There’s even things on my Central Park Hoodie that I wish I didn’t do, and I made that less than a year ago.

Speaking of which, on the 30th of August I started that baby jacket as a gift for my mother in law’s husband’s son’s baby on the way (is there an easier way to say that sentence? lol!). It is SO adorable. Here it is before I completed all of the raglan increases and tacked down the neck hem:



Yesterday alone, I finished the last 3 raglan increase rows, the bodice, the bottom edging and tacked down the neck hem. I want to save more detailed pictures after I’m all done, just in case my M-I-L stumbles upon my blog 😉 I want it to be a surprise. But all I can say is WOW… this little jacket is amazing/sooo tiny/sooo cute, all at the same time. I may just make one for myself just to have (no I’m not having a baby, lol! 🙂 ) I taught myself how to tack up a hem last night (for all of the edging) and I don’t think I want to do hems any other way now. It is SUCH a clean finish!

So, with hems in mind, you remember the shifting sands in progress I showed you last post? Yeah, last week (before I started the baby jacket) I ripped all of my 3-4 inches out and started over to try a provisional cast on/knitted hem since the edge of the scarf inherently rolls like no tomorrow. But now I’m not so sure how in love I am with THIS sort of hem either; it looks a bit bulky. It’s also a teensy bit wider than the body of my scarf…

Shifting Sands Knitted Hem 1

Shifting Sands Knitted Hem 2

Shifting Sands Knitted Hem 3

So now I’m asking you, what should I do? Should I keep going and let blocking be the solution? Or rip back and knit normally and hope that edge doesn’t curl quite so much after blocking?? Orrrrrr, utilize my new hemming skillz (haha) and just tack up the hem, as did Brooklyn Tweed on his shifting sands?? My grandmother’s shifting sands’ ends laid pretty flat with a small little flip at the end after blocking, so I don’t think the natural tendency of stockinette to curl is completely avoidable, but it’s not hideous either. I just wanted to try a clean edge like Brooklyn Tweed did, before I got half way into the scarf and decided that I hated the ends!

ALL PICS FOR TERABYTE 981 My grandma did get her scarf, and this morning my mom called to tell me she is absolutely in love with it. She says she cannot wait till it gets cold so that she can wear it, it is totally her color AND although she is a knitter herself (of socks), she would never be able to make such a beautiful scarf. I am so glad.. I wasn’t expecting such an adoring reaction, though I knew it wouldn’t be a bad one. It’s just so nice to know my grandma, as a knitter, appreciates what I did for her. I know she loves me, even though I’m her only grandchild and that’s kind of a given (lol!) — she still has the pictures I drew for her as a youngin’ hanging on her walls, framed or on the fridge. I haven’t made anything specifically for her for about 14 years now, and I wanted her to have something from me that she knows I didn’t just go to the store and absent-mindedly buy. My mom will be taking pictures of her wearing it, so in about a month I may be able to post some! Until next time everyone 🙂 Next post, I may just have an FO for you!