winter is definitely here


Winter is Here

Winter is in full swing now. It started to snow earlier today and now, at almost midnight, the ground is covered in a thick white blanket. I love days like this… You just want to curl up with a ball of yarn and some needles and make something beautiful. In my case up until now, its always been scarves. But taking my puppy for a walk today when the snow first started falling made me want to learn mittens, and sweaters, and maybe even socks — like making my own whole winter wardrobe. But first things first, I have to get some practice on the whole sewing up concept.

My Bolero!

I’m almost done with Kelly Maher’s Ribbed Lace Bolero and I’m really excited to see how I did. Only I won’t be able to wear it until like, June. 🙂 Oh well. It’s a good start. And another fellow knitting blogger encouraged me to make the IK Tilted Duster my first sweater… and I figured why not. I just have to get the yarn for it and start knitting it up.

I also found something on Anthropologie’s site today that I would like to imitate, since I think 88 dollars is too bizaare for something I could so easily make for much cheaper. Check out this little hotty of a shrug:
I figured out the construction and want to get started on that soon, too. Any suggestions for yarn?? I will have some of my own pictures up soon but I have to find my memory card adapter. Ever since my hubby and I cleaned our house a few weeks back, it’s been missing. :\ Anyway, until next time!!

One Response to “winter is definitely here”

  1. The bolero looks lovely. You may be able to pull it off with a long sleeved tee. I have seen it done! The Anthropologie shrug is so cute…there is a similar pattern on last seasons Knitty so you may want to check it out. I think Berroco Ultra Alpaca would be a great yarn.

    The tilted duster is on my list too!

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