my first [two] hats


Okay, so maybe I’m jumping on the bandwagon a little late, but I am now officially in a hat frenzy. I’ve never made hats first two hats!before, but uhm, 4 days ago, I just decided to go for it! I ran to the local yarn shop and picked up two hanks of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a beautiful red color. I’m one that always gravitates toward black, white, cream and brown colors, so instead of thinking about it, I just grabbed the red and made a run for it to the cash register. By Thursday night, my first hat was finished.

So Friday morning, I went to the yarn shop again for a little help on getting the last 30 stitches of my first hat onto DPNs (it’s okay to laugh) so that I could do the final round and actually wear the thing. Then of course, being surrounded by beautiful colors and fibers, I just had to get something for my next hat…(s). I bought 4 balls of Debbie Bliss Rialto, two in black and two in brown. By Friday night, I got another hat done for my sister in law who loves beanie type hats.  I’m on a roll here people!!

See, what I love about making hats is that they’re (a) quick, (b) very useful and best of all (c) you’re ALWAYS on the right side of the work. Is it just me, or does everyone dread being on the WS? For some reason, I just don’t like being on the WS. I love working on the face of the project, the side that will shine and have people oohing and aahing. But enough about that…

For my first hat, I used pattern #26 out of the Holiday 2007 knitsimple. No modifications, except I used size 7 needles (instead of 8s) and Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn in a rusty red color. I absolutely love how this hat turned out! And for my first, it’s not so bad!

My first hat!

I love the lace (which is kind of hard to see in this picture) ad the twisted rib combination! It created a bit of density, so this hat is pretty cozy! Can’t wait to wear it…

Second hat, which I made for my sister in law turned out even better and I love it. I will probably be making the same one for myself, I just don’t know in which color yet! I used the Lace-Edged Women’s Hat pattern from Head Huggers (FREE PATTERNS) and I could not pass this one up! I did make a few modifications though, to fit just right. I used a size 7 needle, and Debbie Bliss Rialto instead of size 6s and Rowan Cashsoft DK. Instead of starting the decreases in the hat after 5″ (with the 20.5″ circumference), I made it 6 inches before beginning the decrease rows. I did decreases 1-3 with the knit rows directly afterward, and then from decrease 4 onward, I did not knit every other row. I just kept doing the decreases. The decrease technique used made the top look awesome. And it fits my sister in law so perfectly! I’ll try to catch her wearing it for some pictures 😉

Lace Edged Hat 1Lace Edged Hat 2

Until next time! (or my next hat!)

2 Responses to “my first [two] hats”

  1. Pretty hats. I love making hats, although I knit – I have yet to knit one, but sure enjoy crocheting them.

  2. The hats are great! You did a great job. Your comment about working on the wrong side cracked me up. I am not sure I dread it but I do love working in the round. Can’t wait to see more hats – they are fun to make!

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