problems with koolhaas


So, I’m a little bummed out. Finally got all the pattern reps done for my fourth hat (yes, a fourth in a little over a week), Jared Flood’s “Koolhaas Hat” and after the first round of decreases, I’m supposed to have 91 stitches remaining, right? Right… but instead, after doing exactly what the pattern says (I double checked about 20 times…), I’m left with 65 stitches remaining which is supposed to be the case after the FOURTH round of decreases… I don’t know how the heck it happened, but I tried the hat on, needles and all, and it looks so good on me… I just don’t know how to finish it! 😦 Just had to rant a little…. I’ll edit later with some eye candy (if I have a great finished koolhaas to share????)

*Edit: So I WASN’T doing exactly what the pattern says. I was knitting 2 together through their back loops instead of knitting 1 through its back loop twice! Atleast I wasn’t the only one 🙂 Pictures soon!

2 Responses to “problems with koolhaas”

  1. Hi, Vanessa-
    I got your comment on my blog about Koolhaas, and it’s so funny because I did EXACTLY the same thing when I was making mine! It was so frustrating because I was so close to the end! If I remember correctly, here’s what I was doing wrong:

    When they say k2tbl, it DOES NOT mean knit 2 together through back loop…it means knit 2 stitches, each through their back loop.

    The only decreases you’re doing on the first round are the p2tog decreases.

    I remember that I was getting 65 stitches, too- hopefully this helps! If you don’t mind, come back over to the blog and leave me a comment and let me know how it works out- I’m dying to know if this is what is happening to you, too! (It would make me feel a lot better!)


  2. “OMG yes, I did k2tog tbl! UGHH! So did you rip back to the previous row or just wing it? lol.. I am SO frustrated, the pattern totally makes you think you’ve gotta k2tog!!!!”

    I definitely did frog back- I only had to frog one row because I stopped as soon as I realized the 65 v. 90 stitch discrepancy. But it was a pain because I was on a plane and *really* wanted to finish the hat before we landed…my little mistake and the time it took to figure it out made it so I didn’t finish. But all is well because it’s done now and I love it!

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