my new addiction to ravelry and more FOs


Sooo.. I haven’t written in a while due to my newest and latest addiction to Ravelry. Plus I have so many FOs… (okay they’re all hats)… since my last two FOs. So basically, I’ve made 6 hats since December 4. Now that THAT’s over with, I’m half way through my first pair of fingerless mittens and I am SO excited to see the final outcome. I’ve been wanting some of these for forever, since I can never wear gloves with my wedding ring. It always twists around and pokes my pinky or middle finger. Anyway, on to some eye candy! (Although it’s all the same thing – variations of hats!)

First up! – My second rendition of the Lace Hat in KnitSimple Holiday 2007 – Used Bernat Satin in camel and a size US 7 circular. I made this hat for no one in particular, so I’m guessing it’s for me! ;]

Lace Hat #2
(This picture is a lot smaller than the others because I took it with my Sony camera – got a new Canon camera a week later hoping it will take better pics!)

And then, naturally, I just had to make the Koolhaas hat, and since I’m trying to rid myself of some of this yarn hanging around, I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Hibiscus Heather. I should have spoiled myself on this one, though, because I totally LOVE the hat – (even more than the first lace hat I made, which I used Berocco Ultra Alpaca for), the way it fits and everything – just wish I would have used a different, more luxury yarn!


Koolhaas 2

I was having some problems finishing the Koolhaas so while I waited for some input from some knitters who had already completed it, I started and finished a Baby Aviator cap using Tahki Torino in a navy blue for my husband’s cousin’s 1.5 year old son. I LOVE this little hat, and I was really hoping it’d fit him. We’ll see, though. His parents still haven’t told me how it fits – hoping that doesn’t mean that… it doesn’t fit? 😦 While making this hat, it was my first time ‘picking up and knitting’ – I used this technique for the earflaps and it turned out really well! Oh! I got this pattern from a Knitting on the Go set called ‘Hats Mittens & Scarves’ by Andrea Tung.

Aviator Cap

Aviator Flaps

With the Koolhaas and the Aviator hats, I got to test run my new  sizes 6 and 8 Addis. They feel so nice! The yarn like, glides, between the needles – no more pushing and pulling the stitches to the tip baby!! 

After the aviator cap, I moved on the Nik’s Knits Republic hat, using Tahki Torino Bulky in brown. Started and finished that one in the course of a day (I went to work and took care of my 5 month old puppy in between, so it took about… 5 hours total? Anyway, I love love love this hat too!

Republic Hat

Now that those are out of my system though, I am totally sick of hats for the time being. Six in two weeks is enough to get that out of my system for a while. Next up on the queu, the Central Park Hoodie! I’m so nervous!!!!

Visit me on Ravelry – My user name is NessaRenee ! 🙂

2 Responses to “my new addiction to ravelry and more FOs”

  1. Yes! Ravelry can be so addictive…lol. I must admit that I’ve managed to crank out 2 hats in 2 days, but looking at the Koolhaas and the BR hats.. I must add them to my knit list. They look great on you.

  2. Your hats are so pretty, I have been looking at both of these. Great job.

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