two more FOs and a splurge!


I am pleased to announce that I finally finished my cabled bag.. that I started toward the end of November. I finished the front and back panels probably in a three day period but the thing that really got me and slowed me down was the 60″ strap in SEED STITCH. Okay, seed stitch is great and everything but 60″ of it isn’t very exciting… I started and finished 6 hats and a pair of fingerless mittens (my other FO for this post) before this thing got finished, because they were quick and easy and not the same two rows over and over and over…

So anywayy, here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Cabled Bag




This pattern called for Dale of Norway Super Bulky yarn in a natural color and size 9 needles. I chose to use Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in gray while still using the size 9 needles and I’m very happy with the result!

Princess Mitts




I absolutely loved working with this pattern – Princess Mitts – by Jennifer Hagan in The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. This is a free pattern online and it was very well written with one minor error but anyone with some knitting experience would catch it. I detailed it on my project info on Ravelry. I really needed these though, because it is SO COLD in Washington and my truck has a leather steering wheel so on the way home my hands got numb! I couldn’t wear gloves because my wedding ring always pokes my middle or pinky finger so I figured fingerless gloves would be the best way to go!

Lately, I’ve been doing some serious yarn hunting. I don’t know why but I’ve just felt this need to spend money on something different, beautiful, soft and fun. I feel as if all of my yarns are the same old solid color, worsted… and I just got 6 skeins of Cascade 220 for my Central Park Hoodie and 5 balls of Ella Rae Classic Wool in brown for I don’t know what yet…  so today, while at work, with nothing to do, I looked through every single project under brown, red-orange and some other colors in malabrigo worsted (on Ravelry) just to find the perfect color. There are so many that I wanted, like Charrua — (but it looks a little two variegated for me, I’m not one for a lot of color), Brown Berries, etc… but I ordered 2 skeins of brown sugar from Yarnzilla. mmm. I can’t wait! This will be the first time I even lay my hands on this stuff. I will finally be able to see why everyone raves about it!!! I think I’ll make a scarf with it, since I’m more likely to wear my scarves than anything else. Shifting Sands maybe?? Pics will be up when I get it! Woot!

3 Responses to “two more FOs and a splurge!”

  1. Yes, I agree that seed stitch is a bummer. The fingerless gloves look so nice, and since I just lost a pair of gloves, I am seriously thinking about making them.

    When you get your hands on that malabrigo, you will not want to touch anything else, trust me.

    Your FO’s look awesome.

  2. 60″ of seed stitch would kill me! But you did it! The bag is great. Those mitt’s are gorgeous too. Fabulous job and you should certainly congratulate yourself with Malabrigo!

  3. Look at that- a gorgeous cabled bag and matching wristwarmers! Looks fantastic. Great job!

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