it’s ’08, baby!


“so this is the new year”…. dunnn dunnn….

I always loved that Death Cab for Cutie song, even though my little Indie phase is long past, rocking my permanent-marker-clad chuck taylors, and my awesome garter stitch, multi-color scarves to match my awesome studded and colored belts. Going to shows and having my hair all wild…. Anywhooooo!!

2008 – Wow… With this year comes so much. 1 year of being married to an aweeesommmee guy, 1 year of being graduated from an immature student having, crusty old school, 1 year of working at my newest job which is rather slow at the moment, and turning 1 year older, which still won’t get me to an age where I can do anything besides get married which I already ammm soo, I still have a while!!

Our anniversary should be awesome, though we still don’t know where we want to go. But, we live in Washington State so going anywhere will be great. I would like to go to Vegas, but what can you do there when you’re only 19?? Or maybe Whistler, but what is there to do in May? Speaking of going to Canada, I’d like to go there when I turn 19 so I can order a drink… I feel so bad for my husband. He just turned 22 so with me tagging along, he can’t go into the bars in restaurants. Oh well ;] Any suggestions for a first anniversary destination within the US/Canada??

You know, I was thinking about joining Blog 365 last night, but I can’t think of what I would possibly write for 365 days a year. And if I did think of something, I don’t know if it’d be entertaining enough for someone to want to read my rambling everyday… I’m not always in the same mood I am in this morning… Some days I like to be sarcastic and clever. Other days I don’t feel like talking/writing at all… I just think it’d (or I’d????) be crazy to write THAT much….

Anyway, since this is a knit blog, let me get rollin!!! I finished the back of my Central Park Hoodie last night! I am so proud of myself! This is my first sweater… and will be my first FO of 2008. What a great way to start another year of knitting! I also cast on for the front left last night and am almost to the armholes! So here’s my back piece:

Back Piece

For some reason the code tab isn’t working at the moment in my blog editor, so when it does, I’ll reupload this photo to include the link to my flickr. Anyway, enough of me for the day! Ciao!

2 Responses to “it’s ’08, baby!”

  1. Your knits look great. I keep saying I am going to start the CPH and have yet to do it. Maybe this weekend will be the weekend!!! Happy knitting.

  2. Your CPH is coming along nicely… the cable are definitely popping.

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