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So, I picked up my needles on late Saturday night for the first time since I’d gotten sick on Tuesday. (And, come to think of it, I don’t think I’d knitted a few days before either – I was doing some pricing for the Midwest Moonlight Scarf for my mom) It was so strange – holding the yarn and the […]



hey everyone. thanks for your input on my dye-lot dilemma. I will go with buying a 6th skein so I have enough in one dye lot. Hopefully I don’t need 7! If I buy two more in the same dye lot, then I’ll have 11 skeins of blue sky alpaca & silk! ahh! What would I […]

dye-lot dilemma


hello all of you gorgeous knitters! How is everyone doing? It was fun to hear what you ladies are working on. Jen’s comment from TeamKnit was priceless. She told me all of her current WIPs and then in parentheses wrote “Just because you asked and I’m feeling chatty.” 🙂 When I ask you all a question, it’s […]

So, remember how I said, (and this is a very loose quote) “Once I get my blue sky alpacas yarn, my somewhat cowl will take up all of my knitting time until I get it finished”? Yeah, that’s what I thought. And as much as I love the somewhat cowl and as much anticipation as […]

feelin’ good!


Hey ladies (and gents?) – I know my post yesterday was a bit depressing, and I really don’t want to leave people with the impression that I’m a depressing person sooo I wanted to share a little accomplishment with you this… well… rainy day. :)(Wouldn’t it be great if I could have said this beautiful, […]

Another Day


Hey there. It was nice to hear from some of you on how you’re doing and what’s been going on in your creative lives! I’ve actually been pretty bummed out lately and I can’t figure out why. Knitting has become an escape for me recently. If I’m stressed, frustrated, angry or experiencing any emotion that […]