feelin’ good!


Hey ladies (and gents?) – I know my post yesterday was a bit depressing, and I really don’t want to leave people with the impression that I’m a depressing person sooo I wanted to share a little accomplishment with you this… well… rainy day. :)(Wouldn’t it be great if I could have said this beautiful, sunshiny day? It would have totally set the mood!!)

This morning, weighing in after about 2 weeks of regular exercise, I realized I have lost three pounds. Better yet, looking in the mirror I can tell IStill not eaten!‘m slowly but surely losing some inches and my belly is lookin’ a bit flatter. My calves are gettin’ all nice and chiseled and well, I definitely don’t look as lumpy as I did two weeks ago. I feel so good about myself – like I’m really doing something for ME and I’m so energized. Annnd I feel pretty darn confident about knitting my next sweater because I won’t have to worry about my hips being 3-4″ more in circumference than my bust! 😀 Maybe just 2-3, since I’m not a small frame girl but still.. 1-2 inches can make a difference! And look – the Reese’s is still begging me to eat it, but I’m not even tempted anymore 🙂

On a knitting-note, my next adventure in sweater land will be Wendy Bernard’s Somewhat Cowl. Sure, I’m working on the tree jacket at the moment but I know once I get that Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk in my hands, that’ll steal my knitting-time-focus and it’ll be all I do until I’m finished. Cool thing is, I was able to buy some BSA from Wendy herself. How awesome is that? I’ll share pics of the yummy goods when I get them!

 My theme song of the day is definitely “I Feel Good”… ooohh yeah !

ETA: So I got the blue sky alpaca silk in the mail today and wow, wow, wow it is gorgeous and feels so nice!!! After opening the envelope, I pet it for a while, had my husband and sister in law touch it and then raced to Joann’s before they closed to BSA Alpaca Silkget some bamboo circs.  As I was winding up that little ball you see there in the picture, I enjoyed every inch of alpaca-silky goodness… and of course I cast on right away (without knitting a gauge swatch, more on this in a second……) I don’t think I can knit a sweater with any weight other than DK ever again. These stitches… so tiny and neat! This yarn feels amazing. Too bad, almost two inches into it I realized I’m getting 5 sts to the inch, when I’m supposed to get 6. Oh well. At least I know this sweater is going to look great when it’s all done! I almost hate frogging these first two inches, but it’s going to be WAYYYYYYY too small if I don’t. Atleast I get to relive the awe while starting to knit up this yarn 🙂  Just remember, always knit a gauge swatch.  Yeah, yeah. These knitting pros are always right!


My puppy whose not so much the size of a puppy anymore, my knitting, and my laptop in bed = HEAVEN! – now all I need is to be getting a nice back rub from hubby while surrounded by all of these things! Too bad I already got a neck rub earlier 😉 Until next time!!


3 Responses to “feelin’ good!”

  1. Your knits are beautiful and you are very talented. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Thats funny. He is the dog from Victoria Secret…lol. I have a dog at home as well that I use to take to the office when he was a pup. He is now a year old and he is a Great Dane and he is to big to be dragging to the office these days. Wish I could tho :).

    The diet… you can do it. I am dieting at the moment and I have my ups and downs but you will do well as long as you can fight off your temptations…GET IT!!!

  3. that jacket looks store bought. If you wouldn’t have said anything, (um, and if this wasn’t a knitting blog), I would have thought you bough it.

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