focused on the tree jacket


So, remember how I said, (and this is a very loose quote) “Once I get my blue sky alpacas yarn, my somewhat cowl will take up all of my knitting time until I get it finished”?

Yeah, tTree Jacket1hat’s what I thought. And as much as I love the somewhat cowl and as much anticipation as I am in over it, the tree jacket has greedily taken all of my attention. This baby is growing daily! Inches. DAILY! The rounds are just flying by and it’s coming along so nicely. This pic was taken yesterday. Surprisingly, It’s grown 4-5″ since then! 🙂 [Don’t pay attention the my ugly facial expression there ;x] Guess I’ll be having another FO here pretty soon!

I realized the other day that I never posted good front pictures of my central park hoodie, so here’s an okay one (I have quite a few in my notebook on Rav!):

CPH Front

That was the one day I wore the thing to work. And now that I look at the outfit, that shirt totally screams “MATERNITY”. Yeah, NOT  prego! lol! Anyway, I decided not to do a closure, for now… but the thing is, I just realized I’m not one for sweater jackets. Like, I’ve only owned one sweater with a zipper and it got worn a couple of times back in the 9th or 10th grades and then put in storage. My Somewhat Cowl and Tree Jacket will definitely get more wear. What are you all workin’ on??


9 Responses to “focused on the tree jacket”

  1. Your tree jacket fits you like a glove! Are you mod’ing the pattern or is it written really well? Either or, I think it looks fab on you!

    I’m working on two or three projects, a modified shifting sands, a hobo and I’ll proably pick up these leaf lace wristwatmers I just saw.(since you asked, and i’m feeling chatty, lol)

  2. That tree jacket is looking great. Uh oh…. I think I may have to add that to my ravelry Queue. And the obsession starts again. LOL!!

  3. Tree jacket looks great! Looks like you have the perfect fit going on there! You are so inspiring me to pull mine out so keep posting pics!

  4. That tree jacket looks good. I might have to put that in my list of things to do. i am currently working on a few things but mainly the Hemlock Ring Blanket and another scarf for the man. Everything else are baby knits aka quick knits.

  5. re: hobo
    I know what you mean, I feel like I’ve hardly given the wip any attention. It’s on the needles and all… but I just don’t have the time to be knitting it amongst the other projects I’ve got going.
    Which is right sad too as I have such love for that bag 😦

  6. Not sure which sweater youre talking about. If you come across it let me know. I’ve searched up and down ravelry for patterns so I probably have seen it. I also have a few baby book patterns so I am all over it.

  7. THANK YOU!!!
    I wanted to do that hat. IT’S SO FREAKING CUTE! I dont have the patter :(. but I found some that are similiar.

  8. I really love your CPH! It’s great on you.

  9. The tree jacket is coming along fiercely.

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