dye-lot dilemma


hello all of you gorgeous knitters! How is everyone doing? It was fun to hear what you ladies are working on. Jen’s comment from TeamKnit was priceless. She told me all of her current WIPs and then in parentheses wrote “Just because you asked and I’m feeling chatty.” 🙂 When I ask you all a question, it’s an honest question – I really want to know! So if you’re feeling chatty, go ahead and write me a novel if you’d like. I love comments and I love to feel involved with you guys – I think I’ve said it before, but I have no friends here in the icy cold northwest who knit – or have kept up with knitting – so YOU all are my knitting buds! (And Lara, I’m sorry this post won’t have pics of tree jacket! I will next time, I promise!)

So with that in mind, I’ll turn to you all with a serious dye-lot related question. Okay, so – when I decided to make the Somewhat Cowl, I was able to ask Wendy some questions – about sizing, yarn substitutes, etc. When I decided to just go for it and use Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk, she offered to sell me four hanks she had if I bought two more from an online store. So I did… and my dyelots are a bit off. In dimmer lighting, they look the same, but I think when it’s all knitted together, you would definitely be able to tell. Problem is, I need 6 skeins for the pattern, I got 4 from Wendy and I bought the additional two from an online store. Then, I changed my mind and added an extra skein to the order to make sure I had a sufficient amount and instead of three, I guess my order got processed twice, I got 5 – one short of the pattern recommendation and one more than what I got from Wendy. Should I order another skein from the online store to make the dyelot complete for the sweater? What do you guys think I should use for my Somewhat Cowl? Here’s a picture of my two dyelots mixed together: Wendy’s dyelot is the first and third skein and the other dyelot is the second and 4th skein.

Normal Lighting:

With Flash Treatment:

I’ll be looking forward to your responses! Now it’s off to work out for 30 minutes and bring my always sick puppy to the vet. Poor little guy has like, a blood bubble, on the inside of his leg and always has rashes. His skin is so sensitive! 😦


3 Responses to “dye-lot dilemma”

  1. From the pics, I barely notice the difference, but geezous.. you have a lot of yarn. I wish I could impart some wisdom, but so looking forward to your Somewhat Cowl.

  2. First thing first… the sick pup. Blood bubble??!! Ouch! My pup had an allergic reaction and I took him to the vet. I thought it was his new food (switchedd over to adult formula) but the vet told me it wasnt and that Bodie had got bitten by a bug or something. I was in tears. I know he was in soooo much pain…itchy… and lumpy! Ugh! Anyway, because the vet told me it wasnt his food I fed him again and the swelling came back. OMG!!! It’s now 3am I am on the phone with the Emergency Room sobbing… I took him off his food immediately and the swelling went away. Darn vet!

    And the dye lot… I can tell the difference and maybe only knitters will be able to. However, if it bothers you just order one more of the same skein. Thats probably what I would do… if I could afford to!

  3. Ok…I guess I will have to wait for Tree Jacket progress!

    As far the dye lots….I would probably order one more skein. But…you could also just alternate between the two different dyelots every few rounds…..kind of like you do when you use hand painted yarns. It is kind of a pain but it would save you the money of buying the extra skein. If you don’t want to deal with alternating then I would splurge on the extra skein. I can tell the difference in the photo and the only way you can balance the dyelots out is knitting with both of them in an alternating method.

    Phew….that was long winded!

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