hey everyone. thanks for your input on my dye-lot dilemma. I will go with buying a 6th skein so I have enough in one dye lot. Hopefully I don’t need 7! If I buy two more in the same dye lot, then I’ll have 11 skeins of blue sky alpaca & silk! ahh! What would I do with it all? lol.

Anyway, I’m finally back to my computer. I’ve been very, very sick since Tuesday and I finally made it to urgent care yesterday so now I’m feeling a little bit better. I had a stomache flu, and was unable to eat basically since Tuesday evening… so I lost about 7 pounds of water weight and had to have an IV to kind of “perk” me back up, as the doctor said. I’m feeling okay but I’m still laying around and relaxing, drinking only gatorade and water and only eating when I can and what I can stomach. It got pretty scary. I thought I was going to die… but I’m still here! I wasn’t able to knit either, so I have no updates on tree jacket. I only have an inch left on the body portion though. I’ll get it done for you, Lara! Maybe this evening I’ll be up to knitting a bit 🙂 


3 Responses to “recovering”

  1. yes, the flu bug is going around. I am glad to hear you are recovering. Take good care of yourself!

    I think you are right by buying the extra skein! Makes it much easier.

  2. You know you’re really sick when you can’t knit! Glad you’re feeling better & keep taking it easy.

  3. Awww. hope you feel better.

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