I’m baaaack….


Hey everyone – long time no write!

I don’t knit much in the summer — I know, shame on me. And, that’s a bad thing because now I have 50 bajillion things I want to make whereas if I knit in the summer, I could have spread all of my ‘must have’ projects out over a couple of months right? Maybe I’ll learn this time!

So what have I been up to? Well, I recently finished my Plath Cropped Cardi and I’m loving it!

Projects 098
Up close with the buttons…

Projects 099
Detail of the stitch pattern…

Projects 162

Projects 160
Cardi in action!

I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece – 3 skeins in Truffle. First time using this yarn and I must say it knits up great and feels really nice. It’s quite heavy, though! And of course, I love the buttons – they just fit. I think it’s how the lines match the lines across the slipped stitches in the bodice of the cardi.

And I just finished a shifting sands scarf for my grandmother in Germany on the 24th. I started on the 19th and as my mom is going to Germany on the 1st of September, I wanted it to go with her so I make sure it gets to my grandma safely. So with the limited time, I had to make sure I had enough time to order yarn/knit up/wash/block/let dry/weave in ends. My determination quickly turned into dread (“I wanna be donnnnne!”) But, it turned out beautiful and now I can’t wait to buy Malabrigo for myself since I’ve never used it before this! I think I will make myself a black or chestnut bucket hat next paycheck to treat myself, but for now I’m making myself a shifting sands scarf (go figure!) using Classic Elite Waterlily in a gorgeous variegated berry tone.

Projects 140

Projects 142

And here’s my shifting sands in progress…

Projects 123

I love that color so much, and the yarn is showing off the cables so nicely!

I’ve also started my first sock, ever! Not too bad for a newbie, yah?

Projects 134

This past weekend, I started to teach my sister in law to knit. She had learned 5 years ago using Lion Brand Homespun. Her scarf was simple garter stitch and was too wide for her liking, so it’s still a UFO and she hasn’t had a want to pick it back up. Anyway, I was showing her some things on Ravelry and we went to Michael’s and picked her up some yarn and some size 8 straights and she’s working on the One Row Handspun Scarf, which will be easy for her but not as plain as garter stitch. The yarn she chose is not a nightmare like Lion Brand Homespun is either. I’m super excited and hopefully she keeps up with it because I have no knitting buds. Seriously. It’s sad 😦

Fall is already here it seems in the ever-rainy Washington State! So hopefully now I’ll be keeping the FO’s coming! I’ve been stalking some of your blogs and thinking ‘maybe I should blog too’ but I haven’t had anything as interesting to write about as some of you. I’m trying though!

As a quick poll — I’m looking into getting a Namaste New Port bag but unsure which color to get: Peacock or Charcoal? I’m not much of a blue-wearing person but the color is just so gorgeous! Until next time 😉


11 Responses to “I’m baaaack….”

  1. Glad you are back! I wondered where you went! The cardi looks fabulous! I think I will knit one next summer. The scarves look great too. Welcome back to blogland!

  2. Oh, and I really like the peacock!

  3. I LOVE that cardi — beautiful! Your Grandma’s scarf is very pretty too… going to look it up on Ravelry now!

  4. 4 Nik

    The cardi is very cute. Everything is nice, really.

  5. It looks beautiful on you! Great choice of colors and buttons. Can I post some of these pics on my website?

  6. The cardi is gorgeous and the buttons are perfect great job:)I like peacock also I love how soft and vibrant malabrigo is your grandmother will love the scarf it is so very beautiful.Hugs Darcy

  7. That is a really pretty cardigan! And you are right, the buttons just fit!

  8. Way to go chica! Your scarves are beautiful, and I love the shrug! I’m going to have to add that shrug to my favorites!

  9. Awww.. we missed you. Although you may not have knitting buddies where you live, you definately have one over here in New York. So, don’t feel so lonely. 🙂 I’m so glad to see you blogging again.

    I love the sweater. It looks gorgeous, and so do you!! Wow!! OK, so you have me itching to make one!! My goodness!! Those scarves look great too, and you know I love that berry color. Malabrigo is such a dream to knit with, because of the softness. I heard that it pills easily, so take special care with it, and tell grandma to handwash it, please. We don’t want that beautiful thing to get destroyed.

  10. the cardigan looks great! i especially love the colors of all your projects. ^_^

  1. 1 The Knitty Professors » Blog Archive » Another Plath F.O.

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