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Well hello again! Yes, I know! It hasn’t been another month or 4 (!!) in between my last post and this one. (Aren’t you so proud??) I just loved hearing from so many people, even some whose blogs I enjoy as well, in my comments that I want to keep writing posts now!! Thank you all for […]

Hey everyone – long time no write! I don’t knit much in the summer — I know, shame on me. And, that’s a bad thing because now I have 50 bajillion things I want to make whereas if I knit in the summer, I could have spread all of my ‘must have’ projects out over […]

It’s been a very long week — and it’s already Sunday. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it! 😦 But I do have some updates for you… I finished the body of my tree jacket, and the fit/length is great! I started to work on the left […]

So it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m very sorry that I slacked off in my writing… thing is, I also slacked off in my knitting. The tree jacket has been hibernating since my last post, although I only need two more inches on the body before I can do the sleeves and call it […]

So, I picked up my needles on late Saturday night for the first time since I’d gotten sick on Tuesday. (And, come to think of it, I don’t think I’d knitted a few days before either – I was doing some pricing for the Midwest Moonlight Scarf for my mom) It was so strange – holding the yarn and the […]

dye-lot dilemma


hello all of you gorgeous knitters! How is everyone doing? It was fun to hear what you ladies are working on. Jen’s comment from TeamKnit was priceless. She told me all of her current WIPs and then in parentheses wrote “Just because you asked and I’m feeling chatty.” 🙂 When I ask you all a question, it’s […]

So, remember how I said, (and this is a very loose quote) “Once I get my blue sky alpacas yarn, my somewhat cowl will take up all of my knitting time until I get it finished”? Yeah, that’s what I thought. And as much as I love the somewhat cowl and as much anticipation as […]