dye-lot dilemma


hello all of you gorgeous knitters! How is everyone doing? It was fun to hear what you¬†ladies are working on. Jen’s comment from TeamKnit was priceless. She told me all of her current WIPs and then in parentheses wrote “Just because you asked and I’m feeling chatty.” ūüôā¬†When I ask you all a question, it’s an honest question – I really want to know! So if you’re feeling chatty, go ahead and write me a novel if you’d like. I love comments and I love to feel involved with you guys – I think I’ve said it before, but I have no friends here in the icy cold northwest who knit – or have kept up with knitting – so YOU all are my knitting buds! (And Lara, I’m sorry this post won’t have pics of tree jacket! I will next time, I promise!)

So with that in mind, I’ll turn to you all with a serious dye-lot related question. Okay, so – when I decided to make the Somewhat Cowl, I was able to ask Wendy some questions – about sizing, yarn substitutes, etc. When I decided to just go for it and use Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk, she offered to sell me four hanks she had if I bought two more from an online store. So I did… and my dyelots are a bit off. In dimmer lighting, they look the same, but I think when it’s all knitted together, you would definitely be able to tell. Problem is, I need 6 skeins for the pattern, I got 4 from Wendy and I bought the additional two from an online store. Then, I changed my mind and added an extra skein to the order¬†to make sure I had a sufficient amount and instead of three, I guess my order got processed twice, I got 5 – one short of the pattern recommendation and one more than what I got from Wendy. Should I order another skein from the online store to make the dyelot complete for the sweater? What do you guys think I should use for my Somewhat Cowl? Here’s a picture of my two dyelots mixed together: Wendy’s dyelot is the first and third skein and the other dyelot is the second and 4th skein.

Normal Lighting:

With Flash Treatment:

I’ll be looking forward to your responses! Now it’s off to work out for 30 minutes¬†and bring my always sick puppy to the vet. Poor little guy has like, a blood bubble, on the inside of his leg and always has rashes. His skin is so sensitive! ūüė¶


So, remember how I said, (and this is a very loose quote) “Once I get my blue sky alpacas yarn, my somewhat cowl will take up all of my knitting time until I get it finished”?

Yeah, tTree Jacket1hat’s what I thought. And as much as I love the somewhat cowl and as much anticipation as I am in¬†over it, the tree jacket has greedily taken all of my attention. This baby is growing daily! Inches. DAILY!¬†The rounds are just flying by and it’s¬†coming along so nicely.¬†This pic was taken yesterday.¬†Surprisingly, It’s grown¬†4-5″ since¬†then! ūüôā [Don’t pay attention the my ugly facial expression¬†there ;x] Guess I’ll be having another FO here pretty soon!

I realized the other day that I never posted¬†good front¬†pictures of my central park hoodie, so here’s an okay one (I have quite a few in my notebook on Rav!):

CPH Front

That was the one day I wore the thing to work. And now that I look at the outfit, that shirt totally screams “MATERNITY”.¬†Yeah,¬†NOT ¬†prego! lol! Anyway,¬†I decided not to do a closure, for now… but the thing is, I just realized I’m not one for sweater jackets. Like, I’ve only owned one sweater with a zipper and it got worn a couple of times back in the 9th or 10th grades and then put in storage. My Somewhat Cowl and Tree Jacket will definitely get more wear. What are you all workin’ on??

feelin’ good!


Hey ladies (and gents?) – I know my post yesterday was a bit depressing, and I really don’t want to leave people with the impression that I’m a depressing person sooo I wanted to share a little accomplishment with you this… well… rainy day. :)(Wouldn’t it be great if I could have said this beautiful, sunshiny day? It would have totally set the mood!!)

This morning, weighing in after about 2 weeks of regular exercise, I realized I have lost three pounds. Better yet, looking in the mirror I can tell IStill not eaten!‘m slowly but surely losing some inches and my belly is lookin’ a bit flatter. My calves are gettin’ all nice and¬†chiseled and well,¬†I definitely don’t look as lumpy as I did two weeks ago. I feel so good about myself – like I’m really doing something for ME and I’m so energized. Annnd I feel pretty darn confident about knitting my next sweater because I won’t have to worry about my hips being 3-4″ more in circumference than my bust! ūüėÄ Maybe just 2-3, since I’m not a small frame girl but still.. 1-2 inches can make a difference! And look – the Reese’s is still begging me to eat it, but I’m not even tempted anymore ūüôā

On a knitting-note, my next adventure in sweater land will be Wendy Bernard’s Somewhat Cowl. Sure, I’m working on the tree jacket at the moment but I know once I get that Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk in my hands, that’ll steal my knitting-time-focus and it’ll be all I do until I’m finished. Cool thing is, I was able to buy some BSA from Wendy herself. How awesome is that? I’ll share pics of the yummy goods when I get them!

¬†My theme song of the day is definitely “I Feel Good”… ooohh yeah !

ETA: So I got the blue sky alpaca silk in the mail today and wow, wow, wow it is gorgeous and feels so nice!!!¬†After opening the¬†envelope, I pet it for a while, had my husband and sister in¬†law touch it and then raced to Joann’s before they closed to BSA Alpaca Silkget some bamboo circs.¬† As I was winding up that little ball you see there in the picture, I enjoyed every inch of alpaca-silky goodness… and of course I cast on right away (without knitting a gauge swatch, more on this in a second……) I don’t think I can knit a sweater with any weight other than DK ever again. These stitches… so tiny and neat! This yarn feels amazing. Too bad, almost two inches into it I realized I’m getting 5 sts to the inch, when I’m supposed to get 6.¬†Oh well. At least I know this sweater is going to look great when it’s all done! I almost hate frogging these first¬†two inches, but it’s going to be WAYYYYYYY too small if I don’t. Atleast I get to relive the awe¬†while¬†starting to knit up this yarn¬†ūüôā¬†¬†Just remember, always knit a gauge swatch.¬† Yeah, yeah. These knitting pros are always right!


My puppy whose not so much the size of a puppy anymore, my knitting,¬†and my laptop in bed =¬†HEAVEN!¬†– now all I need is to be getting a nice back rub from hubby while surrounded by all of these things! Too bad I already got a neck rub earlier ūüėČ Until next time!!

Another Day


Hey there. It was nice to hear from some of you on how you’re doing and what’s been going on in your creative lives!

I’ve actually been pretty bummed out lately and I can’t figure out why. Knitting has become an escape for me recently. If I’m stressed, frustrated, angry or experiencing any emotion that causes me to be a little withdrawn or anti-social for the day, I turn to my knitting. But lately, even my knitting hasn’t been very satisfying. After finishing my central park hoodie, I trudged along through First Sweater!my second Koolhaas, just to have something to do when really, I hated every minute of the 50 bajillion and one cables that had to be worked and just wanted to be finished. In reality, I probably won’t wear any of the beanie hats I’ve made for myself. I have two Koolhaas hats, two lace hats and the republic hat, all of which I love but, I hardly wear hats unless they have a bill and I’m running to the grocery store or the post office without any makeup on with my hair in a messy bun. I don’t know if¬†my knitting has¬†become too much of an individual, release type thing for me.¬† I really don’t have any friends who knit or who I could meet up with at Starbucks and chat over some easy knitting. I’m in this stupid knitting rut….

I started this blog though for that reason Рthat I have no one to really talk to about knitting related things in my corner of the world. I have met some great people on Ravelry, though and I am very greatful for the conversations we have about our knitting as well as our everyday lives. You know who you are!

What I wanna know is what keeps all of you motivated when you get into a knitting rut or a down phase???

Not to mention the weight I’ve been trying to put off! For the last two weeks, I’ve been working out, on average, 5 days of the week. After hoarding a whole bag of reeses a month ago (140 calories a cup!!! *gasp*) and sitting on my butt all day, at work and at home, I gained about 5 pounds. I mean, last summer I was really really chubby. I won’t even mention how much I weighed then — I am 13 pounds lighter than what I was last summer, but I am also 10 pounds over what I should be at a healthy, non-anorexic state. I look like a pear, people! And for this reason, before I started my routine a couple of weeks ago, I went to Target, bought two packs of the two cup reeses, ate one package and left one on my coffee table to tempt me. Must. Learn. Self. Control. And guess what!? I haven’t eaten it yet! I also lost two pounds – slower than my normal rate because I’ve still been eating pretty crappy but hey, it’s somethin.

On a more positive note, Hubby and his brother recently got a wood carving machine and are making me some boxes for my knitting needles and accessories. I even designed one especially for my stitch holders, tapestry needles, stitch markers and all the works with custom measurements for all the gadgets us knitters have.¬†Hopefully, we’ll be making that one tonight and I can post some pictures for you all! I’m really excited to organize my things a bit!

Soooo I wrote a decent length post.. but for some reason, everytime I hit ‘Publish’ my post appears blank on my main page and I either have to a) rewrite it or b) get frustrated and say forget about it. Tonight I chose option B.

How is everyone doing?? I want to hear from you!

“so this is the new year”…. dunnn dunnn….

I always loved that Death Cab for Cutie song, even though my little Indie phase is long past, rocking¬†my permanent-marker-clad chuck taylors, and my awesome garter stitch, multi-color scarves to match my awesome studded and colored belts. Going to shows and having my hair all wild…. Anywhooooo!!

2008 – Wow… With this year comes so much. 1 year of being married to an aweeesommmee guy, 1 year of being graduated from an immature student having, crusty old school, 1 year of working at my newest job which is rather slow at the moment, and turning 1 year older, which still won’t get me to an age where I can do anything besides get married which I already ammm soo, I still have a while!!

Our anniversary should be awesome, though we still don’t know where we want to go. But, we live in Washington State so going anywhere will be great. I would like to go to Vegas, but what can you do there when you’re only 19?? Or maybe Whistler, but what is there to do in May? Speaking of going to Canada, I’d like to go there when I turn 19 so I can order a drink… I feel so bad for my husband. He just turned 22 so with me tagging along, he can’t go into the bars in restaurants. Oh well ;] Any suggestions for a first anniversary destination within the US/Canada??

You know, I was thinking about joining Blog 365 last night, but I can’t think of what I would possibly write for 365 days a year. And if I did think of something, I don’t know if it’d be¬†entertaining enough for someone to want to¬†read my rambling everyday… I’m not always in the same mood I am in this morning… Some days I like to be sarcastic and clever. Other days I don’t feel like talking/writing at all… I just think it’d (or I’d????)¬†be crazy to write THAT much….

Anyway, since this is a knit blog, let me get rollin!!! I finished the back of my Central Park Hoodie last¬†night! I am so proud of myself! This is my first sweater… and will be my first FO of 2008. What a great way to start another year of knitting! I also cast on for the front left last night and am almost to the armholes! So here’s my back piece:

Back Piece

For some reason the code tab isn’t working at the moment in my blog editor, so when it does, I’ll reupload this photo to include the link to my flickr. Anyway, enough of me for the day! Ciao!

I am pleased to announce that I finally finished my cabled bag.. that I started toward the end of November. I finished the front and back panels probably in a three day period but the thing that really got me and slowed me down was the 60″ strap in SEED STITCH. Okay, seed stitch is great and everything but 60″ of it isn’t very exciting… I started and finished 6 hats and a pair of fingerless mittens (my other FO for this post) before this thing got finished, because they were quick and easy and not the same two rows over and over and over…

So anywayy, here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Cabled Bag




This pattern called for Dale of Norway Super Bulky yarn in a natural color and size 9 needles. I chose to use Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in gray while still using the size 9 needles and I’m very happy with the result!

Princess Mitts




I absolutely loved working with this pattern – Princess Mitts – by Jennifer Hagan in The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. This is a free pattern online and it was very well written with one minor error but anyone with some knitting experience would catch it. I detailed it on my project info on Ravelry.¬†I really needed these though, because it is SO COLD in Washington and my truck has a leather steering wheel so on the way home my hands got numb! I couldn’t wear gloves because my wedding ring always pokes my middle or pinky finger so I figured fingerless gloves would be the best way to go!

Lately, I’ve been doing some serious yarn hunting. I don’t know why but I’ve just felt this need to spend money on something different, beautiful, soft and fun. I feel as if all of my yarns are the same old solid color, worsted… and I just got 6 skeins of Cascade 220 for my Central Park Hoodie and 5 balls of Ella Rae Classic Wool in brown for I don’t know what yet…¬† so today, while at work, with nothing to do, I looked through every single project under brown, red-orange and some other colors in malabrigo worsted (on Ravelry)¬†just to find the perfect color. There are so many that I wanted, like Charrua — (but it looks a little two variegated for me, I’m not one for a lot of color), Brown Berries, etc… but I ordered 2 skeins of brown sugar from Yarnzilla. mmm. I can’t wait! This will be the first time I even lay my hands on this stuff. I will finally be able to see why everyone raves about it!!! I think I’ll make a scarf with it, since I’m more likely to wear my scarves than anything else. Shifting Sands maybe?? Pics will be up when I get it! Woot!